Enhancing surfaces around the world with superb functions and high design capability.

We manufacture and sell versatile paints that can be applied to a variety of items ranging from industrial products to housing construction materials and also develops products that impart fewer impacts on the environment and humans and showcase functions of tomorrow. By utilizing its high design capability that enables formulation of solutions optimized for a variety of needs, NATOCO delivers products that beautify and improve surfaces around the world.

Our Strength


High design capability to handle wide-ranging applications

We can cater to a whole range of paint needs related to various metallic parts, office products, household items, heavy equipment used in construction, machine tools, and other large-scale equipment.


Detail-oriented operation where technical and sales teams are well coordinated

Our engineering and sales staff work in close coordination. They draw from their time-tested know-how to select from our large product portfolio the parts that are optimal for clients’ diverse needs. We closely work with each client on any paint-related topics from paint application methods to adaptation on production lines.


Advanced functions that are considerate of the environment and the next generation

Our long lineup of ecological, human-friendly, and future-oriented functional paints includes insulative paints for all types of industrial and construction applications, water-based paints that are kind on the human body, highly durable paints, etc.

Operation structure
and facilities

Internal operation structure optimized to meet clients’ expectations

Our sales operation is set up to respond to clients’ requests with speed. Our sales staff regularly pay visits to clients' production lines and provide support to ensure smooth transition to production. Our advantage includes its ability to serve each client well and offer solutions in a concerted manner, transcending the departmental walls between sales, engineering, production, design, etc.

A wealth of engineers and versatile laboratory facilities

Our laboratories have equipment and facilities similar to those used on actual production lines, creating an environment where its numerous and diverse engineers are able to swiftly test products to make sure they conform to clients’ paint specifications.

Exterior Paint

We provide paints for exterior construction materials, including those for making sidings, roofs, etc. and offers comprehensive support to clients. Its design suggestions that leverage inkjet technology are also well-received. The total solutions that our proposes encompass all paint-related topics and issues, including ecological product design creation, formulation of base, middle, and top coats, design and paint application methods, and production line adaptation. As residential housing exteriors are constantly exposed to highly strenuous and damage-inducing conditions, We have conducted R&D and developed paints that are optimized for such harsh environments and delivered them to clients with reliable quality.

Main applications

Sidings (ceramic and metal)

We offer a comprehensive range of paints for various siding materials used to build the exterior walls of residential houses, base coatings applied directly to substrates, inkjets used in design applications, and top coatings that must have high durability.

Exterior materials

We offer a wide variety of paints that are used on exterior materials such as soffits, roofs, bargeboards, curtain boards, wall accessories, etc.

Landscape materials

We offer paints that can be applied to various concrete-based materials such as pavements in gardens, sidewalks, parks, and other pedestrian spaces that must have high durability.

Inkjet printing technology

Inkjet printing technology is one of the key areas of focus at NATOCO. For example, if this technology is applied to print a certain pattern onto siding, a more profound and realistic design expression can be achieved, resulting from the conflation of shade created by surface irregularities and shadow expressed in printed patterns and colors.

Interior Paint

We develop paints – from base to top coats – for application to wooden construction materials used to make floors, stairs, and other residential interiors, and suggests total solutions to clients. At NATOCO, R&D is especially focused on paints that are gentle to both humans and the environment – such as UV coatings that are made from biomass and can be cured by UV radiation from LED lamps – and paints that have specific antiviral, antibacterial, and antiallergenic properties. We also work with clients on paint implementation at their production lines and can propose design ideas to clients that reflect current stylistic trends and can be applied to floors to match certain pieces of furniture, etc.

Main applications

Wood flooring

We offer a whole range of paints for wood flooring, including base coats that are used for substrate surface adjustment, middle coats for functional balancing in between, and top coats that must have high durability.

Wooden residential materials

We offer paints that can be applied for surface protection to stair components such as treads, risers, and strings, and other wooden residential materials besides flooring such as frames.

Interior cosmetic plywood

We offer paints that can be applied not only to residences but also to hospitals, commercial facilities, and other public-use structures for their interior wall materials (calcium silicate boards, etc.) and other nonflammable construction materials.

How products are made at NATOCO

Wood flooring is an essential component of residential interiors. This section explains the processes involved in the application of paints to flooring materials that are suitable for residential environments, which incorporate UV coatings that are gentle to humans and the natural environment. In recent years, We have been especially focused on the development of UV coatings that can be cured by UV radiation from ecofriendly LED lamps.

    1. Color paint

      Roller coaters are often used to apply water-based color paints to floor materials to achieve the aesthetic appearance of wood grain. This involves putting the materials through the two metallic rollers arranged vertically (while there are methods available to highlight natural wood grain without coloring).

    2. Base coat

      Once the coloring is finished, a base coating is applied to fill the vessels with the paint. This allows the coating to adhere tightly to the substrate as it expands and contracts and mitigate cracks in the coating.

    3. Middle coat and top coat

      When the base coating is finished to highlight the wood grain, a middle UV coating is applied to enhance abrasiveness, feeling of thickness, and smoothness. The finish is optimized by adjusting the number of times this middle coating is applied.For this final painting, a functional UV coating is applied using a roller coater. This top coating improves the functions of the flooring surface (antibacterial, antiviral, anti-pollution, chemical resistant, design, and anti-slip properties).

    4. UV radiation

      Once the coating is applied, UV (ultraviolet) light is irradiated to dry it. While high-voltage mercury lamps are mainly used today as the UV light source, they are being replaced with LED lamps more and more due to less power consumption. NATOCO is also focused on the development of UV coatings that can be cured with LED lamps.

    5. Finish

      Wood flooring is made with UV coating that is gentle to humans and the environment and suitable for residential environments.

    Pick Up

    This section features information on our highly recommended new paints that are designed for metals.

    Super One®

    Two-liquid silicone acrylic resin paint for machine tools. Single-layer coating solution. It also allows for fast drying and thick film coating, shortening the painting process. In addition, it has high resistance to cutting oil along with anticorrosion properties that are on par with or better than the conventional double-layer coating paints.


    NATOCO has evolved with the advancement of industrial products and developed a whole range of paints for its customers. Fully leveraging such know-how, we have developed "DERACOOL," a paint that can be applied using the same conventional method yet exhibits heat-shielding properties with a single coat.


    It is a polyester powder paint that has high anticorrosion and weather resistance properties as well as superb edge coverability. Used in combination with zinc phosphate or zirconium treatment, this single-layer coating agent provides a long usable lifespan even outdoors while offering better corrosion protection than epoxy powder coatings.

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