NATOCO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) recognizes the importance of protecting all information in its current or future possession that can be used to identify the individual concerned (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”), and it implements the following measures to protect Personal Information in a suitable and appropriate manner.

  1. The Company pledges to handle Personal Information*1 in strict compliance with the obligations as set forth in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other applicable laws concerning Personal Information protection, the guidelines issued by the Personal Information Protection Commission, and this Privacy Policy.

  2. The Company may only use Personal Information it obtains for the intended purposes as set forth below except where the consent of the individual*2 to allow other uses is granted or exceptions are made by law, but even in such cases exceptional uses shall be specified to the extent possible.

    1. Personal Information pertaining to customers and business partners

      • Sale and provision of NATOCO products and services
      • Questionnaires and surveys concerning NATOCO products and services
      • Provision of responses to inquiries, etc. concerning NATOCO products and services
      • Provision of information on NATOCO products, services, seminars, exhibitions, etc.
      • Development, enhancement, and quality improvement of NATOCO products and services
    2. Personal Information pertaining to shareholders

      • Exercise of rights and performance of obligations pursuant to the Companies Act
      • Shareholder management (shareholder data creation, etc.)
      • Various activities related to shareholders (questionnaires, etc.)
      • Provision of various shareholder benefits
    3. Personal Information pertaining to job applicants

      • Provision of information to job applicants and other tasks related to recruiting activities
  3. The Company may jointly use the Personal Information it obtains with other parties as set forth below.

    1. Types of Personal Information that may be jointly used

      • Individuals’ names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, employer and departmental information, job titles, etc., and other information obtained pursuant to the Privacy Policy.
    2. Parties with which joint use may occur

      • NATOCO’s affiliated companies (subsidiaries and affiliated companies as specified in the Regulation on Terminology, Forms, and Preparation Methods of Financial Statements (Ministry of Finance Order No. 59 of 1963, including subsequent amendments)
      • NATOCO labor union
    3. Intended uses by the parties involved in joint use

      • The intended uses as set forth in 2. above
    4. Party responsible for the management of Personal Information in joint use

      • The Company
  4. The Company may use cookies for the purpose of providing more advanced services. Cookies are bits of data that get stored in each user’s computer as a log to indicate that the Company’s website was used. Cookies do not invade users’ privacy or impart any negative effect on their computers.

  5. In each instance where the Company intends to obtain any Personal Information, it will do so using appropriate means while publishing its intended uses in advance, or notifying individually or publishing them swiftly afterwards, unless exceptional handling is required according to the law; provided, however, that in each instance where the Company intends to directly obtain from individuals their Personal Information in writing, the Company explicitly indicates its intended uses in advance.

  6. The Company will endeavor to keep all personal data*3 that it handles accurate and up-to-date to the extent that matters for its intended uses, implement necessary and proper measures for the prevention of any leaks, losses, and damage along with other personal data safety control measures, and provide necessary and proper supervision to its employees*4 and contractors.

  7. The Company will not provide personal data to third parties without obtaining the individuals’ prior consent, unless it should be handled exceptionally under the law, etc.

  8. The Company will accept requests from individuals to disclose, correct, cease use of, or take other action concerning their personal data in the Company’s possession*5 pursuant to law.

  9. The Company will swiftly and properly respond to, and take action based on, any complaints filed by individuals concerning the Personal Information being handled by the Company and endeavor to arrange its internal resources and protocols for this purpose.

  10. The Company will endeavor to continuously make improvements to this Privacy Policy by conducting appropriate internal audits on how the Personal Information is being handled.

  1. “Personal Information” here means any information pertaining to living individuals that can be used to determine their identities.
  2. “Individuals” here means the individuals whose identifies are determinable by the Personal Information.
  3. “Personal data” here means the Personal Information comprising a “personal information database, etc.,” which means a collection of information including Personal Information that is systematically configured in the form of an electronic database, etc. to enable search of specific Personal Information with ease, as specified by Cabinet Order.
  4. “Employees” here means not only the Company’s employees but also its officers and temporary workers contracted through worker dispatch companies, etc.
  5. “Personal data in the Company’s possession” here means personal data which the Company has the authority to disclose, correct, or take any other action on, excluding any personal data that may compromise public interest or other interests if its existence or nonexistence is revealed as specified by law.

January 1, 2023
NATOCO Co., Ltd.
President & Representative Director Taichi Kasuya

Inquiries, etc.

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