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"surficial evolution"

Even for the same application, by changing the color, texture and shape, a significantly different impression can be created. This reflects the uniqueness of paints and the profound nature of paint formulation. NATOCO works closely with each client for the entire process of collaboration, from conceptual planning in line with the client's requirements to design proposal and final output reflecting current market trends. So for each project, NATOCO designs each paint and coating agent by optimizing them to the specific application involved. NATOCO delivers uniquely distinct outputs by applying and adapting its technological knowledge dynamically, and finds answers to each client’s challenges by cocreating such designs that are conducive to effective product differentiation and value creation.

Our Strength


Designers work hand in hand with each client from concept formulation to final output

Our design staff interview and gather information from each client meticulously before initiating concept formulation with a view toward achieving the optimal design for each client’s unique needs.


Wide-ranging designs and flexible outputs

We deliver outputs that integrate its latest technology and reflect current trends. With NATOCO, each client receives design proposals and plans for realizing its targeted concepts along with flexible support in the development of high-value-added products.


Our design development entails the application of its know-how on novel polymer formulation and leads to surficial evolution.

Our strength lies in its ability to develop highly expressive designs made possible by Our wealth of know-how in polymer development. With us, each client receives proposals that will lead to a tangible experience of surficial evolution and meet all key requirements.


This section provides information on the activities of our Design Team, which works with clients on designing original solutions.

Method 01

Realizing ideas together

Bringing each client’s desired conceptual image into reality

If a client has its own conceptual image or plan in mind, our staff will draw from research findings to realize it through optimal methods.

  • 01

    Interview and information gathering

    Our staff communicate with the client to get a clear understanding of the conceptual image being desired, using photos and illustrations as visual aids. As this information gathering is such an essential process for the creation of ideal products, it is handled scrupulously by spending a significant amount of time.

  • 02

    Design contemplation

    Once the information gathering is done, our staff contemplate and create a design that reflects the client’s requirements including actual production line specifications, etc., based on the conceptual image obtained from client interviews, while leveraging NATOCO’s stock of expressive technologies. As designers specializing in wide-ranging fields are on the staff, they are able to generate ideas in a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary manner.

  • 03

    Prototype suggestion

    When a prototype is created through design contemplation based on the information obtained from client interviews, it is proposed to the client. Then our staff hold another round of discussions with the client to clarify the conceptual image being pursued by the client and keep creating increasingly better prototypes.

  • 04

    Design completion

    After creating a progressive series of prototypes under various conditions, the one with the best design is selected as the final version. Then it is taken to trial production on the actual production line before transitioning to paint mass production, etc.

Method 02

Continuous creation

NATOCO offers unique ideas.

In addition to its day-to-day research activities, our staff continuously work on novel design development using our cutting-edge technology and also give presentations (on design ideas), which provide clients with great opportunities to see actual design samples. Please feel free to request one and see for yourself.

  • 01

    Application of existing technology to design creation

    Standard paints are regularly reviewed, adjusted, and utilized based on their distinct design features. As our designers are routinely dealing with paints, they are able to notice subtle differences and bring interesting ideas into reality.

    Application of newly developed in-house technology

    Our staff create designs that reflect the distinctive features of the novel technology developed by our engineering team and deliver them to clients. They can also develop designs that integrate new and pre-existing technologies.

    Market trends and research

    Members of our design team constantly gather new information and insights from trend information seminars, exhibitions, industrial and scholarly journals, etc. and share them with other departmental members. This improves their collective understanding of designs in wide-ranging applications.

  • 02

    Prototype creation

    New designs are developed by using diverse new information gathered in combination with our expressive techniques that have been refined over the years. A series of discussions and idea-generating sessions transpire to brush up the proposal before it is presented.

  • 03


    Each time a novel design is completed, its presentation can be given at request. Potentially interested clients are encouraged to see and feel the actual design samples first-hand to check the expressions of texture, luster, and other qualities. We can also create a one-off formulation based on a client’s request and make suggestions based on any needs that are voiced.

Order Flow

We are highly adept at providing made-to-order solutions, starting from conceptual suggestions and resulting in products customized to each client’s unique requirements. Please feel free to send us your consultation request from the inquiry form provided.

  • 01Conferencing and information gathering

    Our staff identify and address the issues and challenges of the client jointly, with a view toward developing optimal products that meet the client's unique needs. We recognize the importance of its staff's first interview with each client.

  • 02Concept proposal

    Our staff prepare and make a conceptual proposal reflecting their clear understanding of the client’s intended purpose of expression, utilizing market trend information and internally available technology to help bring the client’s envisioned concept into reality.

  • 03Design proposal

    The design is proposed and formulated based on the information gathered from the client as to its intended concept and requirements. Then our staff exchange opinions and ideas with the client to make improvements until the design meets all the requirements pursued by the client.

  • 04Trial production

    When the product nears its completion, our staff use it to run a trial production, conducting a series of tests until the product is improved to its final version.

  • 05Mass production and delivery

    Once the specifications are finalized, we mass-produce the product in any desired quantity. Then, after rigorous inspection to ensure high quality, reliability, and safety, the product is delivered to the client.

  • 06After-sales service

    If the client experiences any issue or would like to try out new ideas following product delivery, our staff will gladly accommodate such request anytime.

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Color and Texture

Realize a variety of
colors and textures.

NATOCO is committed to developing each product
so that it meets the client’s intended color, texture,
and other expressive quality requirements without compromise.

Case Study

  • Original color guide

    Based on a wealth of knowledge on colors that has been accumulated over the years, NATOCO has created its original color sample booklet in which paints and color ranges are sorted as such to match specific industries. Offering a vast selection of available colors, it can be used as a convenient communication tool to reproduce colors suitable for clients' distinct requirements.

    • Coloring technology
  • Exterior construction material design (paint + gravure print design expression)

    Samples are created by combining multiple colors and textures. NATOCO can turn any client’s imagery of its requirements into a reality by mobilizing intricate color expressions, empirically developed artistic sense, and reliable color-mixing techniques. In addition, as a designer is assigned in each project to see through entire processes from printing plate proposal to reproduction of desired expressions in actual products, the final product finish as envisioned by each client is achieved with consistency."

    • Coloring technology
    • Coating technology
  • Interior construction material design (color proposal including application images)

    NATOCO supports clients’ product development by suggesting spatial images that integrate designs and on-trend colors matching substrates. Engineers are involved in each project to suggest suitable and effective painting processes that utilize the advantageous features of the substrate.

    • Coloring technology
    • Coating technology
  • Plant-based textured paints

    By fully leveraging its polymer material technology, NATOCO has been able to develop resins of higher plant-derived material content, to which additional plant-based material is applied to give them more desirable textures. These resins are highly recommended for making ecofriendly products without compromising their original functions and textures.

    • Polymer technology
  • Original color flop

    NATOCO has developed its original color flop effect whereby resin and coloring material combinations are utilized to produce color changes as the viewing angle shifts. This is leveraged in the development of not only paints but also resin-coloring materials.

    • Coloring technology


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