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The NATOCO group operates three core businesses: fine chemicals, paints, and distillation. Under our corporate mission to New Value with Unique Ideas, NATOCO has been gaining the trust and patronage of clients over the years mainly in the paint business. In recent years, NATOCO has been stepping up R&D and expanding its fine chemical business. In recent years, NATOCO has been stepping up R&D and expanding its fine chemical business. By leveraging its advanced technology and high design proposal capability, the company develops and offers products to clients that not only meet their needs but are also innovative and progressive. In addition, NATOCO has been promoting resource recycling through its distillation business conducted by affiliated companies. NATOCO is continuously focusing on and expanding these core businesses while amplifying its global presence and increasing its overseas operation sites.

Fine Chemical

Creating unprecedented and novel surficial value

NATOCO manufactures and sells coating agents and other fine chemicals that are used to make information devices, display films, automobile interiors, etc., creating novel surficial value in fields where high added value is required.

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Enhancing surfaces around the world with superb functions and high design capability.

NATOCO manufactures and sells versatile paints that can be applied to a variety of items ranging from industrial products to housing construction materials to. In doing so, it beautifies and improves surfaces around the world.

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NATOCO’s businesses include collection, distillation, and recycling of used solvents, sale of various thinners, and collection, transport, and disposal of waste materials, which are mainly handled by its affiliated companies Tomoe Co., Ltd. and IC Sangyo Co., Ltd. Their high-performance distillation facilities are capable of processing various types of solvents (involving both simple and high-precision distillation). NATOCO promotes resource recycling and environmental conservation through such activities.

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