Natoco Co.,Ltd.


Based on long experience in paint technology, we strive for making contribution to the world with its highly original product lines in the field of applied chemistry. Taking advantage of all the knowledge and the force that Natoco have accumulated, we also provide high-performance polymers based on synthetic resin technology. We aim to further leap toward new era.

Development system

With resin development constituting the core of our development system. And we reduce the R&D achievements in each applied field to the elemental technologies to promote technological accumulation, share that information among ourselves and lead the shared information to proposals of higher novelty.

Thus, we are confident that our development system fits the “idea-oriented company.”

"new value" with "unique ideas"

From foundation that time, Natoco was hung up as corporate philosophy "which creates new value in the unique way of thinking", and has developed goods and service. The originality of Natoco represented by the product line equipped with various functionality incomparable otherwise is produced by every employee's unique way of thinking.

Ideas・Development systemIdeas・Development system