For Wood Surfaces

Our R&D group is working on painting for wooden architectural materials that are used on interior residential floor or stairs that are, free of toxic materials like formaldehyde, and UV cure painting which do not release solvent vapor thus safe and less harmful on health, which is suitable for living environment.  In addition, our designers are suggesting new designs that are trend-conscious as well as suitable design that matches the furniture.

Painting for interior floor

We’d like to introduce little-known painting process of indispensable house interior floor.  The mass production line of coating of flooring is moving at a rate of 100m/min.  This speed is equivalent to speed of light jog and this could paint ordinary Japanese two-story housing equivalent of material in about 3 minutes.  Advanced technology is required to produces paint that perform at such a speed.  Besides fulfilling the performance required for paints, our team is also good at making timber look more beautiful.


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3.Overcoat / UV radiation

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