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Instrument panel

The dashboard and instrument panel of the car interior, this is where a lot of wear i.e. touching, scratching is expected and is most noticeable.

By using NATOCO self-healing coating having scratch -repairing and excellent wear resistance, can keep the beautiful appearance.

Catalog of self-healing coating is available for download here.


In addition, for the dashboard and instrument panel in the car interior, decorative film which granted a high-performance and high-appearance in a manner such as gravure printing and silk printing may be used.

This decorative film is mainly used in plastic material such as a mobile phone terminal, has been noted on behalf of the coating for scratch resistance, anti-stain, texture, and design.

Natoco has developed the best coating material for this decorative film.

・Efficiency of processes , yield improvement.
・By not using a solvent, may reduce environmental impact.
・Also provides a coating material that can respond to deep drawing.

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Coating material for decorative molding film