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Function list

Functions / characteristics


Low refractive index
  • Superior in  anti-reflection performance.
  • Refractive index 1.35.
  • Anti-reflection film
  • Anti-reflection coating  for Optical lens.
High refractive index
  • Light transmittance is high Haze is small.
  • Superior in scratch resistance.
  • Optical films and sheets
  • Anti-reflection in combination with a low refractive index
  • ITOfilm(index matching layer)
  • Since the surfactant is not included , the effect lasts.
  • Superior in water resistance.
  • A windowpane,  showcases, the windshield of a car or an airplane, a reflector, glasses, sunglasses, etc.
  • Fingerprints are difficult to adhere,and easy to wipe off.
  • Superior in hardness and wear resistance.
  • Touch panel, LCD display, personal computer, mobile phone, smartphone, etc.
  • To prevent sticking of the film to each other without the use of additives.
  • Superior in Processability.
  • Superior in curling.
  • Icon sheet.
  • Display for film and sheet.
  • ITO (anti-blocking layer).
Heat resistance
  • Has excellent lubricity,and a low coefficient of friction.
  • Is superior in heat resistance even in the thin film.
  • Back coating material for thermal transfer ink ribbon.
Scratch resistance


  • NATOCO self-healing coating.
  • There are heat curing type, UV-curing type.
  • There is a solvent-free types in UV curing coatings.
  • Exterior and interior building materials, car, optical lens, display, home appliances,Films and sheets for interior decoration and building materials.
Hard coating
  • Superior in hardness and wearing resistance.
  • Superior in balance between cracking resistance.
  • Optical lens, display, home appliances, interior and exterior building materials, film and sheet for building materials.
  • Water contact angle of 105 degrees or more.
  • There are heat curing type , UV-curing type.
  • Superior in decontamination performance.
  • There is snow accumulation prevention function.
  • Landscape retention(graffiti-prevention).
  • A sign.
  • Automotive head lamp.
Processability integrally molding
  • Compatible with molded by excellent film strength and elongation.
  • Sperior in scratch resistance and wearing resistance.
  • Composite of various functions are possible.
  • Applies to in-mold transfer and insert molding.
Pre-coated metal
  • Compatible with mold by excellent film strength and elongation.
  • Superior in scratch resistance and wearing resistance.
  • Superior in weatherability.
  • Building materials (interior and exterior material).
  • Indoor and outdoor home appliances.


  • Personal computers, smart phones, compact cameras, etc.

water based
(UV curing paint)

  • High weatherability.
  • Inorganic-organic complex.
  • Photoinitiator-free.
  • Building materials (interior and exterior material)
  • Plastic films and sheets.
(UV curing ink)
  • High weatherability.
  • Superior in adhesion to various materials.
  • Superior in Recoatability.
  • Inorganic-organic complex.
  • Suitable for an inkjet ink.
  • Building materials (interior and exterior material).
  • Metal-ceramic siding, glass, plastic, display etc.
Conductive (particles)
  • Lower resistance as compared with the Ni particles.
  • Possible to supply a large current in one particle.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Particle size distribution is uniform.
  • Anisotropic conductive connection film (ACF).
  • Anisotropic conductive connection paste (ACP).
  • Conduction of the upper and lower for LCD panel etc.
  • Flip chip connection.